About Us


The Beekeeper's Basket is small handmade business that has an online presence as well as in retail shops and traveling to craft fairs throughout the year. The idea came to fruition when we started beekeeping.  The idea of making my own lip balm with wax and honey from our hives seemed amazing. I am a bit of a lip balm addict so I do use plenty! My products help me to support various organizations hard at work researching the reasons for the decline in honeybees.  

I love taking my shop on the road.   What I enjoy most is making new connections with so many artists and being able to greet my customers face-to-face.  It makes me happy to share knowledge about the amazing honeybee with others wanting to learn more including the many new beekeepers that can relate to the joy and challenges of caring for bees! I have awesome customers who love to support my mission and do their part in helping honeybee research!


My shop is designed to be like an online craft fair.   All of my goods are made individually or in small batches and made available while supplies last.  That's not to say it won't be made again but it's best if you see something you like....buy it! Designs and scents may change. With that being said I take pride in catering to my customers so please contact me for special requests, custom orders or sharing your story!

Thank you for visiting my shop and supporting honeybee research!

newly packaged bees in a topbar hive